Customer Comments

OH, my goodness......In September, my cholesterol was 260......After two weeks on Imu-Stat and a high fiber diet, it's down to 197 ....WHOA!
This was my missing link.

Also I wanted to add that I've tried Red Rice Yeast, Policosanol, Niacin, the Blood type diet and just
about anything and everything nutritional for lowering cholesterol and somehow I believe the connection all along was in my gut....the fact that I had candida for so long and finally your product addressed both issues....high cholesterol and bad bacteria...I was told after genetic testing that this type of cholesterol would never go down without medication....Proved the doctors wrong....I'm totally amazed how fast this worked.

Thanks for an awesome product!
- Sarah, New York

I'm writing to you in regards to my husband who has rheumatoid arthritis. My husband has had this for over 13 years.

I've been taking him to Sansum Clinic in Santa Barbara for a number of years. They helped him a lot for a few years and then they put two new knees in. One did great and he got staff infection in the other. They thought he was dieing, but he made it. When they sent us home after weeks, they arranged for a nurse to come to our house every day and change the bandage because it wouldn't heal up. It just kept draining and draining.

When I took him back to Sansum Clinic for a check up, they told me they couldn't do any more for him but give me some morphine for pain. He was getting worse by the day. My brother brought some Imu-Stat with instructions.

Let me go back and tell you how it was before he took Imu-Stat, I had to bathe him, brush his teeth, comb his hair, dress him, put his shoes and socks on. Sometimes I even had to feed him. I had to help him get up when he was sitting.

It's been three months now and you should see my husband that was suppose to die. After one week you could tell a difference, after three weeks it was much, much better and after five weeks we went motorcycle riding. We've been attending church every week. We've been to the park for a day of our family reunion. We've been able to do some visiting that we haven't been able to do in a long time. After about a month, my husband takes care of himself and now he drives again and just about does whatever he wants. Oh yes, his knee healed the first month.

We are overjoyed and we need some more as soon as possible. I owe my husband's life to you. Thank you!


PS: I cancelled my Sansum appointment.

- Mrs. King, Bakersfield , Ca.

After finishing a bottle of your product Imu-Stat, I feel that I owe your company a sincere thank you.

Like many people nowadays I have had a problem with high cholesterol. In fact, it is genetic, which makes one feel even more despair because it seems less likely that anything will help.

My doctor prescribed several of the leading brand name drugs to lower my cholesterol. They not only didn't help me, but the side effects were horrific. The last one made me feel suicidal.

A friend of mine suggested your product, Imu-Stat. My cholesterol count had risen to 332 and I was feeling desperate. I bought a bottle and simply took 1/4 teaspoon each day. I did this at breakfast time so I wouldn't forget.

After one month my cholesterol was down 60 points (that's two points per day!) and after two months it was down to 201 and still dropping. My triglycerides have been lowered by more than fifty percent.

My general overall health has improved and I know that genetics is no longer an excuse to not exercise. Before I was too tired and somewhat afraid to exercise because my cholesterol count was so high it might have been dangerous to do so. I now feel lighter even though my weight didn't change.

I recommend Imu-Stat to everyone who will listen and even those who don't. Many thanks to you and your staff. Your product works great! My doctor said he will be suggesting Imu-Stat to his other patients.

I look forward to your continued success.

Thanks again,
- Jess Rodriguez, Fresno, CA

... reading that my former prescription medication... Questran... caused tumors in rats and knowing I'd been on it for 7 1/2 years after colon cancer... didn't make me too happy with doctor. Who, by the way, said he didn't know that! He also (actually his nurse) told me he didn't know of any other similiar medicine which would help me. I had already found one more prescription medicine (one that didn't state it caused tumors in animals) which I gave him the name of to put me on before I came across your product. I've completely taken myself off that prescription (too) and have been taking IMU-STAT every day... I couldn't be any more pleased that it seems to be working on the bile acid at least 90% and I feel in time will possibly correct the 10%. Even the second prescription only handled my problem approx. 90%. I still have a slight problem (not one I can't handle)... for now I'll just call it "bathroom-itis"... which I hear is quite common once you've had surgery, chemo, radiation.

- Gerry, Georgia

After 4 months of Imustat my cholesteral went from 186 to 168, triglycerides from 444 to290 and my bad cholesteral from unreadable because of high triglycerides, to 83. I am not stopping now or EVER!!! Thanks
- James, Maine

"Since I started taking Imu-Stat my cholesterol is well below 200 and I've gone through four cold and flu seasons without any illness.
I give Imu-Stat the credit for keeping me a healthier person."

- Jim, Michigan

" I can definately feel more energy. I work all day and still go home eager to enjoy my favorite hobbies."

- Peggy, Texas

"I had a fistula. Your product was recommended to me and I started taking it faithfully. I was scheduled for surgery to have it removed, but when I went in for my final exam my doctor said surgery was no longer necessary. That was 3 years ago.

Within the last year, I slowly quit taking it on a regular basis and my fistula returned. I immediately ordered another bottle to be shipped by Federal Express next day service. I took twice the recommended dose and within four days the pain and swelling had completely gone away.

Thank your for your product. It's been a life saver for me!"
- Larry, Texas

After taking my first bottle of Imu-Stat, my cholesterol has dropped 107 points. What an easy solution for such a big problem!

- Lois, Mansfield, Ohio

"My cholesterol was 279. I've been taking Imu-Stat for six months
and my cholesterol is now down to 183. I'm delighted and so is my doctor."

- Walter, New Jersey

My doctor sees no need for prescription drugs now that Imu-Stat has lowered my cholesterol below 180. Thank you!
- Patrice, Mansfield, Ohio

My husband Tom and I are thrilled with the results of his recent cholesterol testing results and believe the greatest influence was the use of Imu-Stat. Two months ago his cholesterol was a shocking 308. After using medication, changing his diet, increasing exercise and using ImmuStat Tom's cholesterol dropped to 186! I have never known someone's cholesterol dropping so dramatically with the use of medication and diet alone. We attribute this remarkable change to the use of ImmuStat. We are ordering two more 90 day bottles. Thank you!
- Patti, CA